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SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR REHABILITATION “AYLIN” has three floors.  It is designed in three levels, following the slope of the mountain. On the first level, there are bathrooms with tubes, rooms for physiotherapy, reception, doctor’s office, utility rooms and sanitary premises. Between the two buildings a stairwell and an elevator with machine room have been constructed. On the first floor, there are 8 rooms, six of which have balconies. On the second floor, there are 12 rooms, as 5 of them have balconies.

An access for people with disabilities has been ensured. Each room is equipped with air conditioner, TV, fridge, bathroom with toilet and tube, internet and cable TV. The rooms are double, triple and double-beds. The diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities in the hospital are implemented in the reception- consultant and stationary block,  as well as in the medical units serving the ward.

If any of the diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative methods can not be implemented in place, the patient is directed to  another hospital with regional, inter regional and national scope, only after his/ her consent .

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