SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR REHABILITATION “AYLIN” currently works on free reception , as certain amendments will be undertaken for concluding contract in relevance to National Framework Contract 2016.
The reception of patients is realized through advanced reservation, made on the reception office on the phone to place a specific date and the duration of stay or will be included in the “waiting list”, after a reservation fee is charged. The accepted patients can be in several directions:

  • Free admission for one- day hospital stay;
  • Free admission for a package of 5- or 7- day stay;
  • Medical services to external patients;

In SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR REHABILITATION “AYLIN”, the following sections of balneotherapy, paraffin therapy and physiotherapy have been established, which serve all patients 7 days a week. are separate sections balneotherapy, physiotherapy and parafinotarapiya serving all patients every day.

– “Physiotherapy” section – procedures of Low Frequency and Medium Frequency Currents are applied;

Kinesitherapy with an individual program of remedial gymnastics, exercises and specialized remedial gymnastics with mechanotherapy, used in the treatment of diseases such as Coxarthrosis, discopathy, disc herniation, etc. Therapeutic and relaxing massage to reduce muscle fatigue and restore tonus, eliminate pain problem areas, restore balance to the body, improve skin condition with toning and calming effect.

– “Balneotherapy” section with individual tubes, which have relaxing, toning and healing effect.


– “Paraffin therapy” – compresses have strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect in case of pain in the neck, waist, knee and shoulder joints, arms and others.


All diseases in the acute and subacute stage, pernicious anemia and tumors, pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system in decompensation, advanced stages of atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Tubercolosis of lungs, thyroid disease, nephritis, varicose veins of the lower limbs, epilepsy.
Vein (thrombophlebitis) is contraindicated!


Перлена/хидромасажна вана


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